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What am I investing in?
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When you invest in HappyNest, you're investing in shares of a growing portfolio of private market real estate.

We are continually reviewing properties net leased to pandemic/internet resistant businesses. Net lease agreements, or Triple-Net, require the tenant, also known as a renter, to pay some or all of the property expenses, which helps keep HappyNest lean and costs low.

Every investment opportunity must clear our careful underwriting process before being presented for consideration to our board of investment, finance, and economic experts.

We intend to deliver a combination of stable dividends and long-term property value growth. Our team of real estate specialists works diligently every day to enhance the value of every property we purchase.

We provide you access to our portfolio, over individual investments, because we believe the diversification of tenants and locations reduces your investment risk.

HappyNest is not a get rich quick solution. We expect to hold our investments for at least three years, or more if it benefits you, before considering a sale.

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