What is HappyNest?
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Our mission is to provide every investor with access to alternative investments.

We want to help you grow your nest egg by providing access to quality real estate investments in a cost-effective, user-friendly, and interactive investment experience. HappyNest makes it simple to own a piece of a diversified portfolio of real estate for as little as $10.

"HappyNest makes it easy for every investor to access high-class investments, no matter where they are in their financial journey"

-Jesse Prince, CEO & Founder

It is a widely held belief amongst professional investors that alternatives, such as real estate, should be a part of every investors' portfolio, in addition to equities and fixed income securities. While stocks offer many benefits, they carry many different risks too. Think about what happened to the market when COVID-19 quarantines were first announced to the American public. Panic, once again, played out in the form of large market value losses. It's never pretty.


We understand that not everyone wants to deal with the stock market roller coaster, and private market real estate prices are less affected by the stock market's daily ups and downs.

Private real estate's historically low correlation to public stocks and dividend payments makes it an excellent way to grow your nest egg steadily.

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