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How do I set my savings goal?
How do I set my savings goal?
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When setting up a savings goal in the HappyNest App, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to the HappyNest App and select the "Savings Goal" button.

  2. On the Savings Goal screen, select the "Manage Savings Goal" button.

  3. Decide how much you would like to invest using the slide bar or tap on the dollar value under the "How much do you want to invest?" line and enter a custom value.

  4. Once you have decided on the amount, you would like to invest, select the frequency of your investment by tapping either, "One-time," "Weekly," or "Monthly."

  5. Next, choose how long you would like to invest using the drop-down arrow under the "When do you want to reach your goal?" line.

  6. You will notice, as you change the amount, frequency, and the number of years, the account value will change.

  7. Tap the "Set A Goal" button.

Setting your savings goal will not automatically create an auto-investment or one-time deposit. To achieve your savings goal, set up an auto-investment.

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