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I want to close my account but I have payments pending
I want to close my account but I have payments pending

Closing my account to stop pending transfers

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We are sorry that you are having second thoughts about investing in HappyNest, but fear not, we're here to help. If you have investments pending (that have not processed), you can still close your account and cancel the pending transfer.

Please follow these steps immediately to ensure the account cancelation and pending transactions are properly canceled.

1) Please contact [email protected] and request an account cancelation.

2) Please contact your bank to request the transfer is stopped.

How will HappyNest stop the transfer from completing?

To stop the transfer from completing, HappyNest will have to suspend your account. Suspending your account will disable your ability to login to the HappyNest app, but it will effectively cancel all pending transactions.

We ask that you request the funds to be returned from your bank because canceled transfers never reach HappyNest. Those canceled payments have either never left your bank or are under review by our payment processor, Dwolla.

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