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What are "Estimated Dividends"?
What are "Estimated Dividends"?
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"Estimated Dividends" are the estimated cash distributions that have accrued on your investment, but have not yet been paid out in cash.

The Estimated Dividend calculation is equal to the product of the present value of your current investment and a conservative daily growth rate of 0.014%, or approximately 5% annually.

The number of compounding periods of interest per year and the amount of time your money has been invested are also considered when determining your Estimated Dividend.

HappyNest typically distributes or reinvests dividends quarterly. However, the decision to declare a dividend by HappyNest, and pay such dividend to an investor, can only be made by HappyNest, with the consent of its board of directors, in the board's sole discretion, based upon factors, including, without limitation, Maryland corporate law, HappyNest's charter, and HappyNest's qualification as a REIT.

For more information, please see "When will I receive dividends?" and other disclosure contained in HappyNest's Offering Circular available here. There are no guarantees that the Estimated Dividends will result in an actual future dividend declaration by HappyNest or payment to the investor.

The HappyNest application contains certain calculations for investors, which may be estimated, are for information purposes only, and should not be relied on for any other purposes and may be subject to change. For example,

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